QuickBooks Level 1, Portland, ME

Instructor was absolutely fabulous, very knowledgeable with a great sense of humor! Instructor made herself available to everyone for questions and discussions in a very positive welcoming way. Instructor was positive and boosted everyone’s self-confidence in QB.


Excel Level 1, Bethesda, MD

Instructor did a wonderful job of teaching us. She was very helpful when a problem arose from individuals. Would
recommend her class anytime!


QuickBooks Level 2, Bethesda, MD

Instructor was very helpful in answering general questions regarding accounting.


QuickBooks Level 2, Bethesda, MD

Instructor is a true professional and very experienced on all topics covered in the training. She gave what ever time was needed to make sure all of us understood the operations and systems. Truly made it a “Hands On” Class.


QuickBooks Level 1, Bethesda, MD

Instructor was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of QuickBooks and in real life business accounting.


QuickBooks Level 1, Bethesda, MD

Instructor was always available and ready to answer any questions. So easy to get along with her and she is so eager to help.


Excel Level 1, Aurora, IL

Instructor made it comfortable to ask questions. She kept it fun and knowledgeable at the
same time.


Excel Level 1, Aurora, IL

I had many Ahh Haa moments that I could do something to make my job so much easier. Instructor was wonderful.


Excel Level 1, Aurora, IL

Instructor was very encouraging for people to speak up and she created many teachable moments with questions that people had.


QuickBooks Level 1, Katy, TX

The instructor! She had a very pleasant teaching voice and made things understandable and fun as well.


QuickBooks Level 2, Philadelphia, PA

Instructor was very knowledgeable and was wonderful at teaching. Applied life experiences to situations that can occur.


QuickBooks Level 1, Philadelphia, PA

Instructor made the class very enjoyable and was extremely professional in every aspect.


QuickBooks Level 1, Philadelphia, PA

This class was excellent! Concise and well thought out.


Excel Level 1, Portland, OR

The instructor was personable and very knowledgeable. She had mostly brand new to Excel students, but still kept my interest up the whole day (I use Excel a lot.) I learned a few great tips and shortcuts.


Excel Level 1, Portland, OR

Very informative class and instructor. Thank you!


QuickBooks Level 2, Stratford, CT

This class exceeded my expectations and will be very helpful.


Excel Level 1, Daytona Beach, FL

Enjoyed the instructor very much. Relaxed learning atmosphere and attentive to each student’s needs.


Excel Level 1, Sacramento, CA

Instructor was very knowledgeable and a great teacher. I liked her sense of humor. Very good personality, not boring!


Excel Level 1, Valparaiso, IN

I really enjoyed the Level 1–great teacher–and would definitely move on to Level 2 at a
future date. Thanks!


QuickBooks Level 2, Valparaiso, IN

This is instructor was not only prepared but was very energetic and enthusiastic about the subject matter. She went over and beyond answering questions. She spent her free time, either at break or after class to make sure ALL of my questions were answered before I left.


QuickBooks Level 1, Valparaiso, IN

I really enjoyed the class. I would definitely recommend this instructor and class.


QuickBooks Level 1, Boston, MA

I would highly recommend this course an will look forward to level two and future training.


QuickBooks Level 1, Boston, MA

Was a pleasure to attend the class, Instructor was thorough and patient with everyone. Answered all questions and knew what she was teaching.


Excel Level 1, Long Beach, CA

Very knowledgeable about the class!!! Learned some great stuff in her class! Made everyone feel comfortable and it was easy to ask questions in class.


Excel Level 1, Charleston, WV

The instructor was knowledgeable to answer any questions and was willing to help when any of the class got behind. It was a well taught class I had learned a lot from it.


Excel Level 1, Charleston, WV

The instructor was very knowledgeable with Excel. I had a question after the course and she explained the answer to me and showed me how to solve the task.


QuickBooks Level 1, Casper, WY

Instructor really knows her material and keeps the environment light and entertaining while she teaches.


QuickBooks Level 1, Columbus, OH

Trainer was very engaging and knowledgeable! She had a lot of good suggestions and was very helpful.


QuickBooks Level 1, Fresno, CA

It was a good class. Worth the money!


Excel Level 1, Newark, NJ

I enjoyed the class and learned a good deal of information.


QuickBooks Level 1, Newark, NJ

Awesome Training! I’m actually considering becoming a certified bookkeeper, and a career as a CPA. All questions were answered in detail as well.


Excel Level 1, San Diego, CA

Instructor was exceptional. As an instructor myself, I noted her course was very welled planned and paced.


QuickBooks Level 2, Chicago, IL

The instructor was excellent, she answered all the questions very detailed. She gave examples and advice. She stayed on topic very professional. Great experience, and I am eager to apply what I learned to my work.


QuickBooks Level 2, Chicago, IL

Instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to teach everyone individually and as a group.


QuickBooks Level 1, Chicago, IL

She was a wonderful instructor. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and answered questions I had. Cannot say enough good things about her, she really knows her stuff and was a great teacher.


QuickBooks Level 1, Chicago, IL

Instructor loves what she does and it shows. She is very helpful. She is excellent. Very professional. Would take another class with her.


QuickBooks Level 2, Greensboro, NC

Instructor was engaging, witty, and constantly checking on how we were doing. He welcomed questions and provided an atmosphere for questions.


Excel Level 1, Columbia, MD

Instructor showed us some great tips and short-cuts. She answered a question no one else could answer and my job can be done much more easily & efficiently now.


Excel Level 1, Columbia, MD

Instructor showed us some great tips and short-cuts. She answered a question no one else could answer and my job can be done much more easily & efficiently now.


Excel Level 1, Columbia, MD

Instructor was fun, very knowledgeable and very helpful. She is definitely suited for this role!


QuickBooks Level 1, Columbia, MD

Instructor gave great insight on the product as well as overall business. Her pool of experience is truly beneficial to those who are entering into the business world. Informative, clever, and fun. Instructor knew the in’s and out’s of Quickbooks


Excel Level 2, Atlanta, GA

I am already applying what I have learned and it makes my day much smoother and easier. Thank you to the instructor for the wonderful experience and knowledge!


Excel Level 1, Atlanta, GA

I have used excel for 20 years and I learned so many shortcuts today.


QuickBooks Level 1, Las Vegas, NV

Instructor was very professional and polite, not only willing to answer questions but encouraging the class to make them.


QuickBooks Level 1, Phoenix, AZ

Instructor is competent, capable, conscientious, and she radiated warmth,
humor, and empathy for everyone in the class particularly those who were struggling. She was attentive to everyone’s needs and insured a successful experience for all the students. Her job is challenging because she had to bridge the divide between baby boomers with very limited experience and millennials who are readily proficient in new software. She managed to work very effectively to keep the young participants actively engaged and simultaneously provide remedial assistance to the limited experience participants. She was a very effective and enjoyable instructor.


QuickBooks Level 1, Phoenix, AZ

Instructor made a point to engage each person in attendance by asking the next step involved in the process we were conducting. Very helpful


QuickBooks Level 1, Phoenix, AZ

Instructor made sure that we all understood what she was teaching. She encouraged questions.


 Excel Level 1, Phoenix, AZ

The class was so informative, I was surprised when the day was over– I could easily have kept working for a few more hours!


Excel Level 1, Phoenix, AZ

The instructor was very good. I liked how she taught and she was very engaging.


QuickBooks Level 2, Hollywood, FL

I felt the instructor was very knowledgeable, professional and extremely patient. Would love to take future classes with him as needed.


QuickBooks Level 1, Amarillo, TX

The instructor is a great asset to your company, she was patient and answered all questions.


Excel Level 1, Fontana, CA

Instructor was very instructive and patient. She answered any questions and made the information interesting to learn. I would take level t2 class if I could have her as my teacher again.


Excel Level 1, Fontana, CA

Really great instructor, helped answer all questions and kept the class together, also made the class go by fast and very efficient. Thank you.


QuickBooks Level 1, Fontana, CA

Enjoyed the instructors bubbly attitude and knowledge of what she was presenting


QuickBooks Level 1, Fontana, CA

I loved the way the instructor did her job. Very kind and helpful. I would love to take another course taught by her.


QuickBooks Level 1, Jersey City, NJ

Instructor had patience when explaining hard to understand terms/definitions.


QuickBooks Level 1, Jersey City, NJ

Instructor went above & beyond to address individual needs.


QuickBooks Level 1, Jersey City, NJ

Personal questions were well answered. Instructor was very attentive and helpful.


QuickBooks Level 2, West Palm Beach, FL

Answers! Many students have been using the program for years and not knowing how to do things quicker or more efficiently.


QuickBooks Level 1, West Palm Beach, FL

I thoroughly enjoyed the Instructor and the other students. Participation. Information. All of it was useful for my work!! Thank you!!!


Excel Level 1, Tampa, FL

Instructor excelled at checking with class participants and even interpreting looks to determine if a student were catching on. His use of gentle humor eased any embarrassment we might have felt about asking a ” stupid” question.


QuickBooks Level 1, Tampa, FL

Wonderful class. I learned so much and can apply my knowledge right away! Thank you for giving me more confidence and understanding of my job!


QuickBooks Level 1, Charlotte, NC

This class was a great learning experience for me. My instructor was great, he made the class very enjoyable.


QuickBooks Level 1, Charlotte, NC

It was a great time and well spent and the instructor was my favorite ever, he related to all in the class well and totally understood our needs.


QuickBooks Level 2, Shreveport, LA

We loved the Instructor! Thank you for the easy and attentive training that we experienced. We will definitely recommend your training.


Excel Level 1, Seattle, WA

Even being somewhat experienced in Excel -new ways of working, computing and working with data came to light once the training revealed the intricacies of typical workflows in the program. I have learned new ways to do just about everything I already knew -in addition to all the new skills I learned. Definitely recommend even for intermediate/experience users.


QuickBooks Level 2, Seattle, WA

Loved the instructor. She was fun and very informative. Made learning a positive thing.


QuickBooks Level 1, Warren, MI

Instructor is a great teacher and i would take her class anytime. It was great having on hands computers.


QuickBooks Level 1, Warren, MI

I enjoyed the class and it was very helpful. I would definitely recommend the class.


QuickBooks Level 2, Fountain Valley, CA

Instructor was very personal, professional, helpful, engaging, available – just an overall joyous personality! Thank you for your input and knowledge.


Excel Level 1, Boca Raton, FL

Instructor was very good at explaining and going over different examples. I could tell the class gained a lot and will use the knowledge acquired.


Excel Level 1, Salt Lake City, UT

Instructor was very good to stop and answer questions and help if we did not understand or missed a step.


Excel Level 1, Salt Lake City, UT

Instructor was wonderful. She made sure that no one lagged or was left behind. Her delightful attitude made everyone feel at ease. I learned so much, during this class. I was intimidated to go, and felt I truly got my money’s worth out of this class!


QuickBooks Level 1, Hartford, CT

Instructor was an excellent trainer and would seek to respond to each persons individual needs.


QuickBooks Level 1, Hartford, CT

Great instructor, very helpful and informative.


QuickBooks Level 2, Jacksonville, FL

Instructor was very personable and knowledgeable.


QuickBooks Level 1, Jacksonville, FL

Instructor was extremely vigilant and kept the entire class engaged the whole day


Excel Level 2, Peoria, IL

Did a fantastic job on the excel, his knowledge of excel was excellent.


QuickBooks Level 2, Peoria, IL

Instructors way to teach was educational and enjoyable, difficult to find both in one CPA instructor. Mission accomplished!!
Thank you!!


Excel Level 1, Philadelphia, PA

Instructor was well prepared & knowledgeable.


Excel Level 1, Philadelphia, PA

Instructor was awesome, patient, and very professional, and an awesome teacher.


QuickBooks Level 1, Philadelphia, PA

Instructor was thorough, clear, well organized and upbeat. She even called QuickBooks to get me pricing for a particular software on our break! I would highly recommend this course. Instructor went above and beyond to make sure that everyone’s questions were answered.


QuickBooks Level 1, Savannah, GA

Instructor was awesome he rocked our class!


QuickBooks Level 2, Savannah, GA

Instructor was a awesome guy, very good about questions and giving clear answers.


Excel Level 1, Stratford, CT

Instructor took the time to help each individual one on one. Great Class!


Excel Level 1, Stratford, CT

Class and instructor were wonderful and very well versed and informative.


QuickBooks Level 1, Stratford, CT

Instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful on the subject. The class was always encouraged to ask questions.


QuickBooks Level 2, Newark, NJ

Well done! I learned a lot. this training was very comprehensive. Thank you.


QuickBooks Level 2, Newark, NJ

Great class! I will be recommending this to others. Great teacher, thanks for everything.


QuickBooks Level 1, Newark, NJ

This class met all of my expectations. I learned a lot!


Excel Level 1, Fort Myers, FL

It was a fantastic class! The instructor was very interactive and helpful. He answered all the questions in a pleasant way. He had a great attitude, which made the class feel like it was shorter than it really was. I learned a lot! I will be taking the Excel level 2 class.


QuickBooks Level 1, Long Beach, CA

Instructor was very clear and concise with all the information we covered. She was friendly and professional. I learned a few new processes and enjoyed the class.


QuickBooks Level 2, Long Beach, CA

Excellent instructor, explained everything very well and was very detailed. Answered all questions extremely well. Great personality!


QuickBooks Level 1, Denver, CO

Instructor was awesome, she made the class enjoyable and very helpful. She was very patient and answered all questions.


QuickBooks Level 1, Denver, CO

Excellent instructor! Very knowledgeable, high energy. I would love to take another class from her in the future!


QuickBooks Level 2, Denver, CO

Instructor was very interesting to learn from, funny and made sure we totally understood before advancing to the next section.


Excel Level 1, Denver, CO

I was pleasantly surprised by how much i learned from this class. My job like and household life will be so much easier now. I have taken small classes before and been very bored or overwhelmed but the instructor kept us all on the same page at the same pace. I definitely feel this class has made me smarter in the Excel world. Thank you.


Excel Level 2, Fresno, CA

Instructor was super friendly and encouraged students to participate and ask questions. Her voice tone and volume is excellent. I would definitely recommend my company to take future classes with her.


QuickBooks Level 1, Long Island, NY

Instructor was very informative and patient, made material understandable.


QuickBooks Level 1, Boston, MA

Great class! Went at a great pace and covered a lot of info we will use. Thank you.


QuickBooks Level 1, Boston, MA

Very much enjoyed instructors style. She was direct, informative but did not make you feel silly about asking questions, in fact encouraged people asking questions. I would take another class from her again.


QuickBooks Level 1, Modesto, CA

This class was more than I expected. Great information. I would certainly re take it.


QuickBooks Level 1, Modesto, CA

Very helpful! Instructor was very patient with everyone and answered questions in a way we all could understand.


Excel Level 1, Atlanta, GA

Great job by instructor. Good Pace. Good knowledge of material. Easy to follow and understand. Learned more than expected.


Excel Level 1, Atlanta, GA

Enjoyed instructor. He kept us engaged. Even with my basic knowledge of Excel i learned a lot. I love the hands on aspect of this class. It’s hard to find a class like this. I learn best by doing as i follow. Thank you for that.


QuickBooks Level 1, Boston, MA

Instructor was extremely knowledgeable. Gave great examples. Was able to help people who had difficulty with the program. Encouraged questions and responded to everyone’s personal situations.


QuickBooks Level 1, Pittsburgh, PA

Instructor was very knowledgeable and thorough. I liked going through our own exercises. Great experience, since I am very new to QuickBooks.


QuickBooks Level 2, Portland, OR

Very informative class, learned a lot I did not know. Instructor was very good at listening and helping us with our individual needs.


QuickBooks Level 2, West Valley City, UT

Very helpful. I wasn’t sure I needed this because I have used QuickBooks for a long time but I learned a lot that will help me.


QuickBooks Level 1, Jackson, MS

The instructor was very knowledgeable, patient and had a great sense of humor. He made sure everyone understood the specific information before he moved to the next topic. He was very patient with those of us that would get lost and encourage everyone to ask questions, even reminding participants that there are no stupid questions.


QuickBooks Level 1, Jersey City, NJ

The instructor was extremely energetic and knowledgeable. She made things easy to understand and offered plenty of moments to ask questions. I would take another class with Crystal Training.


Excel Level 1, Pasadena, CA

Best class I’ve taken in a long time. Totally relevant to my job & day to day needs. Instructor was wonderful and knowledgeable and made learning fun. Great Class!


Excel Level 1, West Valley City , UT

The instructor was great, willing to take the time needed so all of us understood every step. She was also great at making learning fun. I now feel confident with every step.


QuickBooks Level 1, Peoria, IL

The instructor was very clear with his instructions. He welcomed questions and class participation. I feel as though I walked away from this class with a much greater understanding of QuickBooks. I am excited to move forward and expand my knowledge from here. I am no longer afraid that I might fail. Many thanks!


QuickBooks Level 1, Albuquerque, NM

This class was very helpful to me. I’ve never used QuickBooks, now I have the knowledge of how to use it. Thank you very much!


QuickBooks Level 1, Nashville, TN

The instructor did an excellent job with descriptions and options available in QuickBooks. As a new user, the instructor had taught me the skills I need to start utilizing the program. I appreciate his teaching style and the ease of participating through discussions and questions.


QuickBooks Level 2, Little Rock, AR

I loved the instructor! Appearance was great. Very smart. She could get the information to us at an understandable pace. Would recommend to everyone. Loved this course!


QuickBooks Level 1, Farmingville, NY

I found the instructor to be very helpful and explained things very well. I walked away with a lot more in-depth knowledge of QuickBooks.


QuickBooks Level 1 & 2, Fargo, ND

Very helpful to have level 1 before level 2, I felt confident asking questions in class. No question was too dumb to ask.


Excel Level 1, Atlanta, GA

I thought the instructor was very good, he was very informative and had a good sense of humor. He put on a level for beginners to be able to understand. I will definitely be recommending this course to colleagues and co-workers.


Excel Level 1, Atlanta, GA

Instructor was well dressed, well-spoken, and well versed on the class he was teaching. He spoke clearly and explained in detail all areas of Excel. I have a full understanding of the functions and am well on my way to learning the formulas.


QuickBooks Level 1, Houston, TX

The instructor was very efficient and helped keep us all on track. Everything was explained in detail and useful even if I don’t use in my daily work. I would definitely take another class. Thank you!


QuickBooks Level 2, Tampa, FL

I enjoyed the instructor’s demeanor. Very friendly and enjoyable. Willing to change subject geared toward our needs for the most part. Thanks.


QuickBooks Level 1, Reno, NV

There are so many things I finally understand how to do. What an amazing instructor. She was so nice and patient. She was able to answer everyone’s questions. She is very knowledgeable in this program and was a great help! Thanks again.


QuickBooks Level 1, Savannah, GA

The instructor was very informative. He encouraged class interaction. He was very energetic and made learning easy and fun. I would recommend him as an instructor to anyone.


Sage 50 Level 1, Atlanta, GA

The instructor was very informative. He provided information that was very useful. He has been a great facilitator and would definitely attend another one of his classes.


Sage 50 Level 1, Atlanta, GA

The teacher was great! He had an awesome personality that made the class interesting and easy to listen to. He covered everything well and was very educated on the topics he covered.


QuickBooks Level 1, Jacksonville

The instructor taught a wonderful class and made it very intriguing. If there are any other classes available that would be beneficial to me that he instructs, I would definitely attend. I strongly recommend other individuals seeking these skills to look for this instructor!


QuickBooks Level 2, Atlanta, GA

The instructor was a great teacher that kept the entire class engaged. Although, I have several years of QuickBooks experience but he was able to show me how to do things at a faster pace to help me speed up productivity at my job. Good Job!


QuickBooks Level 1, Sarasota, FL

I found the instructor personable, entertaining and knowledgeable. The class was informative and I learned about topics that will surprisingly assist me in creating a smoother more streamlined accounts payable system for myself. I would definitely recommend it to someone interested in learning the QuickBooks basics.


Excel Level 1, Arlington, TX

Wide range of Knowledge amongst students. The teacher was patient and helpful with all levels. He gave me more confidence to play with and figure out the formulas.


Excel Level 1, Rockford, IL

There were some things I didn’t understand but for the most part it was good. I learn by doing and this was a great class for me to get the program.


Excel Level 1, Arlington, TX

Really enjoyed the class. I came in knowing very little but did walk out learning more. I appreciate the hands on teaching, it helped out a lot. I look forward to future classes once I have used what I’ve learned today.


QuickBooks Level 2, Arlington, TX

My Knowledge was more than I gave myself credit for, which is why I signed up for this class. There were also attendees that were raw beginners. The range of learners was very wide. The instructor displayed a great deal of patience with the class and was willing to accept assistance. He also made learning fun. Also impressed with his attempt to remember everyone’s name.


QuickBooks Level 2, Arlington, TX

Overall very informative, because the course hit upon topics that I do not normally deal with in my line of work. The class requires a better class guide so that students know what they will see in class beforehand. Other than this detail the class gives a good overview of the QuickBooks program.


QuickBooks Level 1, Arlington, TX

Some topics were not applicable to our particular use of QuickBooks, but overall, I gained knowledge of the functions which will help me learn and use our system more effectively.


Excel Level 2, Fort Myers, FL

Today’s class was great. Lots of great little tips and hints to make working with Excel even easier. The instructor is a great guy who made learning this stuff lots of fun.


Excel Level 1, Cape Coral, FL

The instructor did a great job with keeping the class involved and interested. Some of the material was over my head but he showed us how to find answers. Thank you.


QuickBooks Level 1, Fountain Valley, CA

The instructor did a great job meeting everyone’s needs. She was able to relate the material to our work which made it much easier to understand. Work is going to be much easier. Thanks so much.


Excel Level 2, Sarasota, FL

I learned how to do many things that I never even thought of. Thank you very much. Give the instructor an “A” in personality!


Excel Level 2, Sarasota, FL

I really enjoyed your class; you really make the class fun. I wish I could have taken your class in College! I learned a lot. Thank you.


QuickBooks Level 2, Islandia, NY

This is my second day with this instructor. He is amazing! He makes the class so interesting. I would recommend him to anyone interested.


QuickBooks Level 2, Islandia, NY

The instructor is a very nice man who provided a wealth of information. He is well prepared and very helpful.


Excel Level 1, San Diego, CA

The instructor did a great job. I feel like the basics were appropriately touched on and the pace of the instruction was perfect. Now I feel like I need practice a bit more before I take the Level 2.


QuickBooks Level 1, Burbank, CA

The instructor’s patience is admirable; she is a lovely woman and instructor that Crystal Training should be proud of. Many thanks.


Excel Level 1, Burbank, CA

Great Instructor! Explained everything and very skilled and patient. Loved every hour, worth the pay and material. Easy to learn.


Excel Level 1, Corpus Christi, TX

Great instructor, very motivated. This class expanded my skills and I look forward to another class.


QuickBooks Level 2, Corpus Christi, TX

Enjoyed the class enormously. QuickBooks was very user friendly. Instructor was very knowledgeable and answered any questions we had.


QuickBooks Level 1 & 2, Corpus Christi, TX

I truly enjoyed the training, I work with QuickBooks on a daily basis and you really brought some new insight to my daily understanding of my job. Thank you very much!


QuickBooks Level 2, Pensacola, FL

I learned a lot. I enjoyed the class. The instructor was prepared and informative, he answered all questions with great detail.


Excel Level 1, Austin, TX

I enjoyed the class, it was helpful. I was looking for more about formulas but was glad to be exposed to new things, especially charts and tables.


QuickBooks Level 2, Long Beach, CA

Instructor is wonderful, very patient! Material was relevant, instructor kept attendee’s engaged and answered all questions and anticipated many that were not asked. I would definitely recommend your classes to others, especially this instructor!


QuickBooks Level 1, Montebello, CA

The instructor was a doll! She had so much patience dealing with the slower students. More patience then I have, she was a great help. I wish I would have signed up for level 2. Level 1 was basic and I needed to learn more of the things that are taught in Level 2. I still learned new tricks for the program though that will help me. Thanks.


QuickBooks Level 2, Katy, TX

I really enjoyed the instructor’s presentation. She was very pleasant and helpful when questions were asked. I would have really preferred to do more of hands on examples as far as printing items/documents. Other than that I had a great experience and would take another class when and if necessary.


QuickBooks Level 1, Aurora, IL

Great class! I think you should offer more programs I would be really interested in taking other classes. Thanks.


QuickBooks Level 1, Fountain Valley, CA

I took this class through another company that did not provide computers and I felt I did not learn near what I learned today. I would recommend this class to anyone interested.


Excel Level 1, Dallas, TX

I truly feel like I can do superhuman things in Excel now. Thanks!


QuickBooks Level 1 & 2, Chicago, IL

I learned a great way(s) to shorten the process of duties at work. I highly recommend taking this class to anyone wanting to learn QuickBooks.


QuickBooks level 1, Venice, FL

Class met my needs as a beginner QuickBooks user. The instructor was very knowledgeable and entertaining and made the class enjoyable.


Excel Level 1, Venice, FL

Excellent program! Although I do not work much with numbers, I will mostly use for registration data and mail merge. It provided a great overall view of the suspect and data magnification.


Excel Level 1 & 2, Fresno, CA

Instructor made the class fly by. I had been using Excel for a few years before these classes, I didn’t know how much you could do in Excel. Thanks for showing me.


QuickBooks level 1, Los Angeles, CA

Instructor set my head spinning with information. But after class, as I sorted my thoughts, I realized how much I learned. I played all night applying my new information. I learned a lot, the teacher is really great.


Excel Level 2, Miami, FL

Class was very instructive and relevant to my job/business. I am now a lot more knowledgeable about Excel than I was before. Encouraged to upgrade my existing software to be more efficient as a result of the class. Great job.


QuickBooks Level 1, Bakersfield, CA

Instructor was great, very patient kind and willing to listen. He did not rush through any material and answered everyone’s questions, no matter our educational level. This has been a very pleasant experience.


Excel Level 1, San Jose, CA

I learned so much in this class, after already using Excel as a confused young lady, it now makes sense! I thought I would walk out of here even more confused! The graphs I got a little lost on but those I can play with more. Thank you for a delightful day of learning.


Excel Level 1, Hollywood, FL

The instructor was great, very helpful and attentive to each of the student’s needs. Some of the material covered was too advanced might have been helpful to spend a little more time on some of the basics.


QuickBooks Level 1 & 2, Oakland, CA

Really enjoyed this class. The hands on method gave me a full understanding of how this program worked. The instructor did a good job explaining. I would recommend this to co-workers. Thanks.


QuickBooks Level 1 & 2, San Jose, CA

Good instructor. Good class. Computers worked well. Wish we had a handout to take home but other than that, great lesson. Thanks for the help with this.


Excel Level 1, Stockton, CA

The instructor was amazing! Attentive, explained the processes in detail, answered all questions. Thanks for this class I learned a lot.


QuickBooks Level 1, Islandia, NY

Instructor was very informative and funny. Made the day go by quickly while teaching the QuickBooks program. Knows the program very well and added in many helpful tips.


QuickBooks Level 1, Queens, NY

The instructor covered the content of this training above my expectations. He was able to hold my interest. Excellent training.


QuickBooks Level 1, Albany, NY

The class was very informative and the instructor was very knowledgeable and willing to help each student based on their individual needs.


Sage 50 Level 1, Syracuse, NY

Very informative class. I learned a lot that will be beneficial. New to Sage 50 and learned some good tips.


QuickBooks Level 1, Buffalo, NY

The instructor did a good job! Wish we had something to take home though. But other than that I learned a lot.