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It would be impossible to list the entirety of the services which Crystal training can offer your company. To help you we have have split our expertise into three key areas of:- Training, Development of staff and services, and Consultation for service and staff provision

  • MACE 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 day events + more 

  • PBS 1,2, 3 day events 

  • Autism awareness 

  • Record keeping 

  • Therapeutic observation,

  • Safe and therapeutic practice

  • Risk assessment and management

  • M.H, P.D, L.D awareness 1,2 ,3 day events

  • Supervision level 1,2,3  

  • Bespoke programs developed to meet your staff & company needs 

  • Staff and service development

  • Policy writing & review

  • Governance, and problem solving, 

  • Remuneration and retention issues,

  • Independent investigation and reporting of staffing issues

  • Service problem solving

  • Governance issues

  • Compliance issues and investigation 

  • Reports and service development planning

  • Compliance reports and development planning

  • Recruitment and retention planning